Take ADVANTAGE of our Campeche’s Car Rental Special Offers!

Service Commitment

Arriving at Campeche’s Airport ? We will be there for you at any time or any day, holding a sign with your name. We provide shuttle service to our office where you will sign the contract and get the car you want to discover the majestic archaeological zones (Calakmul, Xpujil, Hormiguero, Becan, Edzna), colonial cities, natural parks, unique handcrafts and much more. Campeche’s Cuisine: The Mayan roots and the mix with Spanish culture, create a unique Gastronomy base for seafood. Enjoy it!!!

Campeche has a lot of history to discover, Mayans, Spanish, Pirates from England, Holland and French influences, made on this beautiful and very well preserved Colonial City. It’s a mandatory place to visit when you think about traveling to the Yucatan Peninsula.


We have multiple locations in the Yucatán Peninsula... Mérida, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos and Cancun, Easy Way gives you the possibility to take a car in Campeche and drive to several archaeological zones, colonial cities, natural parks and unique sightseeing locations throughout the Yucatan Peninsula for your enjoyment and save money during the process. Cancun car rental is other option. Our office in cancun is 15 min from the airport. Once you have hired your car you can also deliver your car in Campeche or other of our offices around the Yucatan Peninsula.

Why rent with us?

  • We will match competitors' pricing to guarantee you the best car rental prices.
  • All types of cars with ulimited mileage are included in the rates. Drive and Go as far as you can or need in any of our very well maintained vehicles.
  • Our goal is to give you personal attention and high quality service.
  • Our Easy Way CAMPECHE car rental office is open from 7 until 21 hours, but if you need help or assistance we will provide it to you 24 hours a day, 365 days per year from any of our offices in the Yucatan Peninsula.
  • The "Big Car Rentals Companies" located in Campeche, will give you a nice catchy price. After they add license fees, road taxes, service charges, airport car rental taxes and other charges, you will pay much more than what you will pay with us.
How to arrive by plane to CAMPECHE City?

It’s true, not many flights arrive to CAMPECHE Airport (CPE), only an average of 3 flights a day and those flights are from Mexico City. The alternative is fly to Merida International airport (MID - Manuel Cresencio Rejon) and drive 160 kilometers (100 milles).

It is worth it to travel to Campeche?

Of course! Campeche is a very well preserved Spanish Colonial City full of rich history waiting for you to discover. You can be sure Campeche will be a popular tourist destination in a few years. There are incredible and important archaeological zones rich with Mayan Culture in the midst of an exotic jungle. There are museums, empty beautiful beaches on the Golf of Mexico, unique gastronomy and more. Campeche is an economical travel destination you can not miss!